Pastoral Team

Pastors Bryan & Shannon Horne


Our Pastors have over 28 plus years of Full time Ministry experience. They serve in Ministry with their family Byron & Jordan Rideau,  Logan Horne & grandson Roman Rideau.

Pastors Byron, Jordan & Roman Rideau

Associate Pastors

Pastors Byron and Jordan Rideau are approaching two years of marriage this February, and have a 1 year old son, Roman. While they are new to marriage and parenthood, they are not new to full time ministry. Both Byron and Jordan grew up in ministry but have been serving and working  in full time ministry for about 7 years. They moved to Athens, GA in August 2022 to serve together as the associate pastors at Recreation Church. They are thrilled to be right in the heart of the city and the campus.

The Rideau’s have a strong passion for equipping others with the necessary tools and perspective it takes to create, develop, and maintain the best relationships we can have in this life. Through their individual journeys that led to their union, they are able to testify to the goodness of God through very uncertain and challenging times, and have a heart to walk with others through similar situations.